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Research Achievements

DSMC calculation of thruster in satellite

Numerical simulation of solid fuel ramjet combustion

Ignition transient in solid rocket motor

Spray combustion with non-gray gas radiation in liquid rocket motor

Ignition phenomenon of solid fuel

Development of numerical solver for radiative transfer equation (FVM, DOM, MDOM, MCM)

Gas/liquid fuel - fired furnace

NOx and soot formation modeling in combustor

Development of 3D numerical simulation of incineration using multi-block grids

Radiation effects in combustion phenomena

High pressure effects in liquid fuel combustion

Radiation enhancement in combustor

Numerical simulation of Non-gray radiation in incinerator

Numerical simulation of gas turbine combustion

Numerical simulation of film cooling in liquid rocket engine

Numerical simulation of spray-wall interaction in spray combustor

Numerical simulation of radiation-turbulence interaction

Numerical/experimental study of solid fuel ignition in room with/without baffle in view of fire safety

Numerical simulation of the chemically reacting flows in ramjet engine combustor with vertical jet

Numerical simulation of the pulverized coal combustion

Effect of CO2 on Heat Transfer from Oxygen-enriched Hydrogen Flame

Experimental Study on Flame Inhibition and Extinction by Gas and Solid Powder Agents

Inverse Heat Transfer Analysis

Application of Inverse Analysis - Reconstruction of gas temperature distribution inside an enclosure

Numerical simulation of supersonic combustion for application to chemical laser

Combustion Instability in premixed flamem

Numerical Simulation of DPF(Diesel Particulate Filter) and Regeneration


On-going Research

Invastigation of the catalytic reaction in a satellite monopropellant thruster

Analysis of IR signature emitted by aircraft exhaust Plume

Experimental Study of High Pressure Droplet Combustion