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Current & Future Research Topics



Experimental Study

Solar Energy

    "Development of a Combined Heating and Cooling Device with Electricity using CPV Solar Cell"


   "Experimental Investigation of Non-Toxic Hypergolic Energetic Materials"

    "Experimental Studies on Ethanol Based Solid Propellant for Hybrid Rocket Engines"

    "Gel Bipropellant"

    "Experimental  Characterization of Gel Propellants"


    "Droplet Combustion Behavior of Nanofluid Fuels"

    "Investigation of Combustion Characteristics about Fuel Carbon Nano fluids"

    "Effects of Nano-Particle Suspension on Thermo-Radiative Characteristics in LPG Combustion"

NOx Reduction

    "Investigation of SNCR Process using Urea for Reducing NOx Emission"

IR Measurement

    "Measurement of Infrared Signal of Aircraft Engine Plume"


Numerical Study

 Direct Simulation Monte Carlo, DSMC

   "DSMC Analysis of Rocket Plume and Thermal Radiation at High Altitude"

CFD + Radiation

    "Analysis of the Infrared Signature from a Aircraft Exhaust Plume"


    "Development of Aviation Greenhouse Gas emission Evalution Algorithm"